Prospect Nurturing

Why Sales Nurturing

Prospect Nurturing–The Secret to increase your Sales

Sales could be a blessing if you end up selling to people who have never heard of you before and they start spending time and money with you.

It is highly unlikely that this happens.

Prospects usually are not able to make decisions as willingly as you are able to go through the sales process.

They need time to build trust and gain confidence that will help them to make a decision to buy from you.

Sometimes it is just about providing additional information about your company, your product/Service offering OR may be just a few references of existing clients.

Spending this time with the prospect to help make the buying decision is called Sales/Prospect nurturing.

The key to Sales Nurturing is to understand the customer’s point of view.

Today the market is very competitive and it’s become all the more important to find the right prospects, take them through the Service demonstrations, understand their problem, issues and suggest solutions.

The big mistakes most Sales people do is,

1.     They ask the prospect to things they are not ready to do.

2.     They hurry up and do not spend enough time in completing the Nurturing process.

Lead Assist Nurture Campaign —>Helping Prospects Get Ready to Buy from YOU!

The primary objective of a lead nurturing campaign must be to educate and support the prospect until he/she reaches the final stages of a buying cycle. This helps forge a long term relationship which may lead to a future sales opportunity.

The different messages that a lead nurturing campaign sends out can be crucial in determining the final outcome.

It may be a follow up email that has a useful bit of information, a week after the initial interaction.This may be followed up with a link to a free video, demo, an article or just about anything that might enhance the curiosity that has already been created in the prospect.
Now, let’s sum it all up.

1. Create an interest in a prospect, help identify latent needs and create long term relationships.

2. Help existing customers identify unmet needs.

3. Helps prevent the loss of prospects who have entered the sales pipeline but require that little extra impetus to be converted into a customer.

Lead Assist Nurture Campaign —>Helping Prospects Get Ready to Buy from YOU!

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