Database Building

How can building your marketing database improve sales value?

Your database which should be the storehouse of customer information- customer contacts, Titles, Address and other customer preferences that you expose when talking to them.

Is your customer planning to invest in an ERP system? Are they changing their existing accounting module? Looking at a Managed Service Provider? Buying Servers, Visualizing Servers, and Desktop Visualization etc?

All the answers are stored in the database.

Ask customers how they like to receive communications. ….News Letters, emails or phone calls? Would they like a monthly newsletter? Do they like visiting Web sites regularly?

All this can be stored in the database to be used to generate outgoing messages automatically.

Predicting your customer behavior via the database can help you identify their buying timeframes.

Send them timely post mailers, greetings with Free offers and updates.

You establish contact by providing Special offers, reports, events and sell your service by greatly simplifying the Sales cycle and cutting Marketing costs.

The Lead Assist way

Having to rely on an outdated marketing database is like having to rely on a vintage obsolete typewriter to do the job. You will only face incorrect contacts, negative responses and compromised leads.

On the other hand an updated and accurate database will reap numerous rewards for your marketing efforts.
Not only will you have the most recent contact details for most of the key decision makers in an organization structure, but you will also have an opt in permission which allows follow up contact with the candidates next time you run event demonstration or email marketing letters.

Lead Assist’s agents have the much needed market expertise over a variety of technologies and business environments. They are adept at initiating interesting conversations that help them strike a rapport and add valuable contact information to the database we generate.
Building a effective customer contact Database is one of the key steps towards generating a solid Sales pipeline.

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