The Lead Assist Advantage

While it isn’t Rocket Science, Demand Generation certainly isn’t a cakewalk. It is crucial that a company is armed with the right plan, the correct approach and the necessary skills to convert an ordinary demand generation campaign into one that gives extraordinary results.

Lead Assist Way of approaching the Campaign

Lead Assist has 99% permanent employees who are an intricate part of our organization. They have been trained and nurtured to identify and spot precise and latent opportunities. They have a meticulous understanding of technologies and are adept at striking interesting conversations with decision makers at the highest level.

With a professional, friendly yet probing approach, our agents will maximize every lead opportunity that provides itself.

More than the medium, it is the message that works!

And messages must be tailored at different times in the buying cycle.

So, Lead assist works on tactics that most prospective employees are most likely to respond to or take action on. The trick is to create value with each interaction without sounding overwhelming.
Each demand generation campaign from lead assist will resonate the business need.
The Process

We use the best of CRM tools and technologies to provide our clients with a transparent picture of the way the campaign is being conducted. With real time access to status reports and campaign progress sheets, our clients are always in the groove.
Value for Money
Lead Assist understands that each interaction is not just about generating a lead. It’s about creating an interest which may lead to recurring purchases, spotting potential interest and nurturing it by follow up emails and providing value with each interaction.

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