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Personality types

Your telemarketing campaign and prospect personality types

Irrespective of what people might say, the fact is that there are several factors that affect the outcome of your telemarketing lead generation campaign.

Some of these are beyond control.

Take Prospect personality, for example. Your lead generation reps might talk to 50 different people each day on phone. But not all of them think, feel or react alike to the call.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the personality types of prospective customers.

The Introvert – These are the people who are least receptive to cold calls. Hard nuts to crack!

The Extrovert – Unlike the introvert, these guys are easy to converse with and have a flair for creating interesting conversations.

Sensing/Intuitive – The sensing intuitive customer understands the conversation and almost feels the need for the product. These are most likely to convert into a sale in the later stages of the sales funnel pipeline.

Judging/Perceiving – Another lot who are difficult to impress. They judge the TSR on the basis of the start of the conversation.

Now, the outcome of the call depends a lot on the representative and the way he strikes the conversation.

It is extremely important for the telemarketing representative to be able to understand the prospect personality very early in the call to be able to make apt adjustments.

And the key to this lies in training and motivating the reps. A strong telemarketing team has their basics right and therein lies the key to their success.

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Why Campaign fails

Why do 70% of lead generation campaigns fail to deliver the desired results.

What does it take to generate Qualified Sales leads?

Leads as in,opportunities where the prospect has expressed serious interest in your products/services and there is every possibility that the prospect would purchase your service offering to address his need.

There’s certainly no hidden magic recipe.

It’s a mix of adapting to “Market Change” and “Customer Attitude” and most importantly making of a “Planned and Systematic” approach towards your Tele-Demand Generation campaign.

Yet, most companies are left with a bitter taste when it comes to lead generation campaigns.

Why does this happen? Let’s take a look at some real case scenarios.

  1. It starts with an Organization approaching a Lead generation firm with a specific goals in mind
  2. This is followed by an ordinary exchange of views that lacks an effort to understand the details of product/services being offered.
  3. The Telemarketing campaign begins without a clear and a concise understanding of the target Market.
  4. Due to high retention rates prevalent in the call center industry,very few Telemarketing companies have permanent qualified Tele-agents who thoroughly understand WHAT and HOW to TALK to C-Level Executives on the phone.
  5. These Tele-agents are clearly ill equipped to talk and convince C-Level decision makers.Now if the campaign is about a B2B Enterprise product/Service the lead quality is compromised.
  6. Not many of these leads convert into business and the client remains disappointed about the outcome.
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