LeadAssist Advantage

The Lead Assist Edge to Demand Generation

Why Lead Assist? Or The Lead Assist Edge to Demand Generation

We live in an extremely challenging and dynamic world where change occurs every other day. Today, technology makes significant impact on our lives. This impact has resulted in a gradual change in customer attitude.

Today, an average customer has no time or patience to talk to strangers on a cold telemarketing call. You have to be precise and impactful, right from the word go.

The Lead Assist Advantage

  1. Sydney Based: All our staff are Australian Residents who operate from our work space based in Sydney.
  2. 99% Permanent Employees – Lead Assist has 99% permanent employees who ‘become’ extended team members of our client’s Sales & Marketing department. Our clients Do NOT get affected by the huge attrition rate in the Australian call center industry that significantly affects lead quality in most demand generation campaigns.
  3. Updated Data – It is extremely important that you have an updated target database before you begin your telemarketing campaign. We, at Lead Assist make available most recent and updated contact Database to our clients as and when required.
  4. The right Communication – Our Tele-agents speak the same language that of the prospect. We know WHAT to TALK. Our agents are skilled in conducting conversations that would generate prospect interest and a positive client impression.
  5. In depth understanding of Client offerings – Lead Assist is an IT& Technology Demand Generation organization where we ensure that our employees are regularly trained to gain an astute understanding of the current IT and Technology trends.
  6. More than a Just a lead – At the end of the campaign,in addition to Qualified Sales leads our clients receive updated customer database that is segregated as per customer response. This in itself is value for money!
  7. TRIAL CAMPAIGN”- For every new client we work towards a minimum number of qualified Leads (mutually agreeable) within a certain number of hours. This give us both an indication how to proceed. If Lead Assist does not deliver as agreed, we back off.

No charges apply, No questions asked!

If those are not enough reasons, then click here now to get in touch with our customer service representative for a free consultation on how lead assist can make a difference to your demand generation campaign.

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