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Our Team

Amit Dwyer
A unique combination of Technical, Sales and Channel marketing background in the IT industry. Amit started off as a Java, J2ee Programmer Analyst progressing through to Sales.
A proven track record in Business Development within Enterprise and SMB markets.
- Strengths include Business Development, Campaign and Project Management.
- Also managed Channel Partner marketing/development both around Strategic Brand Positioning and enabling joint Partner development plans.
Specialties: 1100+ one to one connections with C Level executives across Australia & New Zealand.

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The Lead Assist Edge to Demand Generation

Why Lead Assist? Or The Lead Assist Edge to Demand Generation

We live in an extremely challenging and dynamic world where change occurs every other day. Today, technology makes significant impact on our lives. This impact has resulted in a gradual change in customer attitude.

Today, an average customer has no time or patience to talk to strangers on a cold telemarketing call. You have to be precise and impactful, right from the word go.

The Lead Assist Advantage

  1. Sydney Based: All our staff are Australian Residents who operate from our work space based in Sydney.
  2. 99% Permanent Employees – Lead Assist has 99% permanent employees who ‘become’ extended team members of our client’s Sales & Marketing department. Our clients Do NOT get affected by the huge attrition rate in the Australian call center industry that significantly affects lead quality in most demand generation campaigns.
  3. Updated Data – It is extremely important that you have an updated target database before you begin your telemarketing campaign. We, at Lead Assist make available most recent and updated contact Database to our clients as and when required.
  4. The right Communication – Our Tele-agents speak the same language that of the prospect. We know WHAT to TALK. Our agents are skilled in conducting conversations that would generate prospect interest and a positive client impression.
  5. In depth understanding of Client offerings – Lead Assist is an IT& Technology Demand Generation organization where we ensure that our employees are regularly trained to gain an astute understanding of the current IT and Technology trends.
  6. More than a Just a lead – At the end of the campaign,in addition to Qualified Sales leads our clients receive updated customer database that is segregated as per customer response. This in itself is value for money!
  7. TRIAL CAMPAIGN”- For every new client we work towards a minimum number of qualified Leads (mutually agreeable) within a certain number of hours. This give us both an indication how to proceed. If Lead Assist does not deliver as agreed, we back off.

No charges apply, No questions asked!

If those are not enough reasons, then click here now to get in touch with our customer service representative for a free consultation on how lead assist can make a difference to your demand generation campaign.

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Personality types

Your telemarketing campaign and prospect personality types

Irrespective of what people might say, the fact is that there are several factors that affect the outcome of your telemarketing lead generation campaign.

Some of these are beyond control.

Take Prospect personality, for example. Your lead generation reps might talk to 50 different people each day on phone. But not all of them think, feel or react alike to the call.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the personality types of prospective customers.

The Introvert – These are the people who are least receptive to cold calls. Hard nuts to crack!

The Extrovert – Unlike the introvert, these guys are easy to converse with and have a flair for creating interesting conversations.

Sensing/Intuitive – The sensing intuitive customer understands the conversation and almost feels the need for the product. These are most likely to convert into a sale in the later stages of the sales funnel pipeline.

Judging/Perceiving – Another lot who are difficult to impress. They judge the TSR on the basis of the start of the conversation.

Now, the outcome of the call depends a lot on the representative and the way he strikes the conversation.

It is extremely important for the telemarketing representative to be able to understand the prospect personality very early in the call to be able to make apt adjustments.

And the key to this lies in training and motivating the reps. A strong telemarketing team has their basics right and therein lies the key to their success.

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Why Campaign fails

Why do 70% of lead generation campaigns fail to deliver the desired results.

What does it take to generate Qualified Sales leads?

Leads as in,opportunities where the prospect has expressed serious interest in your products/services and there is every possibility that the prospect would purchase your service offering to address his need.

There’s certainly no hidden magic recipe.

It’s a mix of adapting to “Market Change” and “Customer Attitude” and most importantly making of a “Planned and Systematic” approach towards your Tele-Demand Generation campaign.

Yet, most companies are left with a bitter taste when it comes to lead generation campaigns.

Why does this happen? Let’s take a look at some real case scenarios.

  1. It starts with an Organization approaching a Lead generation firm with a specific goals in mind
  2. This is followed by an ordinary exchange of views that lacks an effort to understand the details of product/services being offered.
  3. The Telemarketing campaign begins without a clear and a concise understanding of the target Market.
  4. Due to high retention rates prevalent in the call center industry,very few Telemarketing companies have permanent qualified Tele-agents who thoroughly understand WHAT and HOW to TALK to C-Level Executives on the phone.
  5. These Tele-agents are clearly ill equipped to talk and convince C-Level decision makers.Now if the campaign is about a B2B Enterprise product/Service the lead quality is compromised.
  6. Not many of these leads convert into business and the client remains disappointed about the outcome.
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Value for Money

Lead Assist has witnessed, that while some people may not be able to attend the actual event, they might still be interested in the product/services being offered.

This interest is identified during the telecalling process and may be followed up with after event calls and mailers.

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The Lead Assist Way

Lead Assist’s team has significant industry relevant expertise in promoting all kinds of events. Our agents will not only identify the right kind of people, but will also explain the relevance of the event, thereby generating interest and confirming availability.

Not only will this lead to a significant boost in the number of attendees in an event, but it will also enhance the number of consequential sales made after the event.

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The Lead Assist Advantage

The Telemarketing industry has forever been plagued with problems like high attrition levels and lack of permanent employees who are well versed with the workings of an organization.

This is where we differ. We have a team of professionals who have been a part of our organization since the establishment and know our working style like the back of their hands. We conduct detailed training sessions regularly that keeps them updated with technological advancements as well as changing customer attitudes enabling them to strike interesting conversations with key decision makers.

Lead Assist takes each campaign as its first one and tries to create an impression that lasts that helps us forge a mutually beneficial working relationship for life.

Click here to know more about the lead assist advantage.

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Company Overview

Lead Assist is an IT oriented Demand Generation Company formed to provide specialized marketing services to our clients over a wide array of sectors including marketing, IT, sales, automobiles, Healthcare and much more.

From generating quality leads that convert to providing an updated database brimming with potential customers, Lead Assist has a gamut of marketing strategies and services that are tailored to meet the unique preferences of our clients.

We firmly believe that one size does not fit all and hence we become an extension of your organization and strive to make sustained and desirable additions to your marketing operations.

With an astute understanding of the ever changing dynamic telemarketing scenario, Lead Assist has considerable industry expertise and market exposure. It is this exposure that enables us to adapt and adjust to these changes whilst working with companies of all sizes around the globe.

Our one of a kind ‘Try-me-out’ campaign is just one of the reasons why most companies prefer to work with us.

Why Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one thing EVERY business should be using as a part of their marketing plan! Speaking to prospects and existing customers still remains as one of the most powerful marketing mediums as it was 15 years ago, even with today’s technology!

Nothing can substitute direct contact with potential prospect- THE BUYER.

Telemarketing if conducted in the right manner can generate positive customer response leading to potential prospects to make the decision to buy from you.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE to Tele Marketing.

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Why Sales Nurturing

Prospect Nurturing–The Secret to increase your Sales

Sales could be a blessing if you end up selling to people who have never heard of you before and they start spending time and money with you.

It is highly unlikely that this happens.

Prospects usually are not able to make decisions as willingly as you are able to go through the sales process.

They need time to build trust and gain confidence that will help them to make a decision to buy from you.

Sometimes it is just about providing additional information about your company, your product/Service offering OR may be just a few references of existing clients.

Spending this time with the prospect to help make the buying decision is called Sales/Prospect nurturing.

The key to Sales Nurturing is to understand the customer’s point of view.

Today the market is very competitive and it’s become all the more important to find the right prospects, take them through the Service demonstrations, understand their problem, issues and suggest solutions.

The big mistakes most Sales people do is,

1.     They ask the prospect to things they are not ready to do.

2.     They hurry up and do not spend enough time in completing the Nurturing process.

Lead Assist Nurture Campaign —>Helping Prospects Get Ready to Buy from YOU!

The primary objective of a lead nurturing campaign must be to educate and support the prospect until he/she reaches the final stages of a buying cycle. This helps forge a long term relationship which may lead to a future sales opportunity.

The different messages that a lead nurturing campaign sends out can be crucial in determining the final outcome.

It may be a follow up email that has a useful bit of information, a week after the initial interaction.This may be followed up with a link to a free video, demo, an article or just about anything that might enhance the curiosity that has already been created in the prospect.
Now, let’s sum it all up.

1. Create an interest in a prospect, help identify latent needs and create long term relationships.

2. Help existing customers identify unmet needs.

3. Helps prevent the loss of prospects who have entered the sales pipeline but require that little extra impetus to be converted into a customer.

Lead Assist Nurture Campaign —>Helping Prospects Get Ready to Buy from YOU!

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How can building your marketing database improve sales value?

Your database which should be the storehouse of customer information- customer contacts, Titles, Address and other customer preferences that you expose when talking to them.

Is your customer planning to invest in an ERP system? Are they changing their existing accounting module? Looking at a Managed Service Provider? Buying Servers, Visualizing Servers, and Desktop Visualization etc?

All the answers are stored in the database.

Ask customers how they like to receive communications. ….News Letters, emails or phone calls? Would they like a monthly newsletter? Do they like visiting Web sites regularly?

All this can be stored in the database to be used to generate outgoing messages automatically.

Predicting your customer behavior via the database can help you identify their buying timeframes.

Send them timely post mailers, greetings with Free offers and updates.

You establish contact by providing Special offers, reports, events and sell your service by greatly simplifying the Sales cycle and cutting Marketing costs.

The Lead Assist way

Having to rely on an outdated marketing database is like having to rely on a vintage obsolete typewriter to do the job. You will only face incorrect contacts, negative responses and compromised leads.

On the other hand an updated and accurate database will reap numerous rewards for your marketing efforts.
Not only will you have the most recent contact details for most of the key decision makers in an organization structure, but you will also have an opt in permission which allows follow up contact with the candidates next time you run event demonstration or email marketing letters.

Lead Assist’s agents have the much needed market expertise over a variety of technologies and business environments. They are adept at initiating interesting conversations that help them strike a rapport and add valuable contact information to the database we generate.
Building a effective customer contact Database is one of the key steps towards generating a solid Sales pipeline.

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